Homecoming & Family Weekend 2021

Homecoming & Family Weekend 2021

Who's coming as of December 2, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Hamza Ali CLGS'25 2025
Adam Aly CLGS'25 2025 Tracy Aly
Tracy Aly 2025 Adam Aly
John Bauer CLGS'25 2025 Patricia Bauer, John Bauer
John Bauer 2025 Patricia Bauer, John Bauer
Patricia Bauer 2025 John Bauer, John Bauer
Dean Beaver 2025 Robin Sayetta, Shane Beaver
Brie Bella CLGS'25 2025 Ellen Bella, Raymond Bella
Ellen Bella 2025 Brie Bella, Raymond Bella
Raymond Bella 2025 Brie Bella, Ellen Bella
Joshua Berman CLGS'25 2025 Ian Berman, Jeannine Berman
Nathaniel Berntson CLGS'25 2025 Julia Berntson, Ross Berntson
Christopher Bishop CLGS'25 2025 Dawn Bishop, Jonathan Bishop
Dawn Bishop 2025 Christopher Bishop, Jonathan Bishop
Erin Brose CLGS'25 2025
Gabriela Brose 2025
Ryan Calvache CLGS'25 2025
William Cankar CLGS'25 2025 Jill Cankar, John Cankar
Manuel cao 2025 Cristina Fojo
Isabella Caruso CLGS'25 2025 Julia Caruso, James Caruso
Christine Catterton 2025 Peter Schmalz, Zachary Schmalz
Denise Cayenne 2025 Nia Cayenne
Catherine Choi NUR'25 2025
Ralph Cohen 2025
Benjamin Danielson CLGS'25 2025 Cindy Danielson, Gregory Danielson
Halle Deericks CLGS'25 2025 Sara Deericks, Ryan Deericks
Aaron Erlanger CLGS'25 2025 Jean Witter, David Erlanger
Gabrielle Fabiano 2025 Ronda Fabiano, Jon Fabiano
Jon Fabiano 2025 Ronda Fabiano, Gabrielle Fabiano
Ronda Fabiano 2025 Jon Fabiano, Gabrielle Fabiano
Elisabeth Fear CLGS'25 2025
Cristina Fojo 2025 Manuel cao
Ava Gallegos CLGS'25 2025 Na Ju Gallegos
Anne Gentile 2025
Elizabeth Georges CLGS'25 2025
Patrick Ginn 2025 Susanne Krasovich
Anh Gordon 2025 Joy Touchstone
Blas Guzman CLGS'25 2025
Joshua Hager CLGS'25 2025
Shannon Halgren 2025
Anne Hulbert 2025 Katheryn Uetz, Heather Uetz, Ray Hulbert, Jim Uetz
Ray Hulbert 2025 Katheryn Uetz, Heather Uetz, Anne Hulbert, Jim Uetz
Winston John Mark 2025 Neville Mark, Susan Mark, Nylda Mark
Joel Kamor 2025
Daniel Kelly 2025 Holly Kelly, Andrew Kelly
Nathan Klatt 2025
Susanne Krasovich 2025 Patrick Ginn
Paul Kwiatkowski 2025
Allen La Tournous CLGS'25 2025
Allen La Tournous 2025
Ana La Tournous 2025
Tamara Leider 2025
Heather Leslie 2025 John Leslie
John Leslie 2025 Heather Leslie
Anthony Lino CLGS'25 2025 Maria Martinez-Lino, Vincent Lino
Samia Lopa 2025 Abdus Wahed
Keisha Lovence 2025
Eyck Lugo 2025 Mireya Santos
Xu Luo 2025
Cassidy Lyninger CLGS'25 2025 Amber Lyninger, Troy Lyninger
Madeline Maduzia CLGS'25 2025 Barbara Maduzia, Donald Maduzia
Reenu Malhotra 2025
Youssef Massoud CLGS'25 2025
Christine McCall 2025
Mariel McInnes CLGS'25 2025 Lois McInnes, John McInnes
Neelen McMillan 2025 Vincent McMillan, Katelin McMillan, Sheron McMillan
Sophia McNamara CLGS'25 2025 Ann McNamara, John McNamara
Owen Mikulski CLGS'25 2025 Jacqualin Mikulski, Michael Mikulski
Dan Miller 2025 Kristy Miller, Katelyn Miller
Katelyn Miller CLGS'25 2025 Kristy Miller, Dan Miller
Kristy Miller 2025 Dan Miller, Katelyn Miller
David Mollerstuen 2025
Eneida Nemecek 2025 Andrew Nemecek
Jessica Norek CLGS'25 2025 Michael Norek, Colleen Norek, Jack Norek
Noel Pacheco NUR'25 2025
Aria Patel CLGS'25 2025 Manu Aggarwal
Radha Patel CLGS'25 2025 Piyush Patel, Bhavika Patel
Rinta Perkins 2025 Robert Perkins
Robert Perkins 2025 Rinta Perkins
Alexander Pogharian CLGS'25 2025 Catherine Pogharian, Armen Pogharian, Anna Pogharian
Camille Prescott CLGS'25 2025 Krista Prescott, John Prescott
John Prescott 2025 Krista Prescott, Camille Prescott
Krista Prescott 2025 John Prescott, Camille Prescott
Annalee Price CLGS'25 2025
Jill Raff 2025 Howard (I SCHECHTER) Schechter
Rema Ramakrishnan 2025
Anisah Rashid 2025 Rajwatie Rashid, Zahid Rashid
Rajwatie Rashid 2025 Zahid Rashid, Anisah Rashid
Zahid Rashid 2025 Rajwatie Rashid, Anisah Rashid
Joe Rhodes 2025 Marta Rhodes
Marta Rhodes 2025 Joe Rhodes
Tasfiqur Rob 2025
Carson Rohan CLGS'25 2025 Joyce Rohan, Craig Rohan, Matthew Rohan
Adam Rohrer CLGS'25 2025 Patricia Rohrer, Douglas Rohrer
Robert Dale Salmons 2025 Valerie Salmons
Valerie Salmons 2025 Robert Dale Salmons
Mireya Santos 2025 Eyck Lugo
Robin Sayetta 2025 Dean Beaver, Shane Beaver
Howard (I SCHECHTER) Schechter 2025 Jill Raff
Gary Schlager 2025 Lisa Schlager, Joseph Schlager
Joseph Schlager CLGS'25 2025 Lisa Schlager, Gary Schlager
Lisa Schlager 2025 Gary Schlager, Joseph Schlager
Peter Schmalz 2025 Christine Catterton, Zachary Schmalz
Zachary Schmalz CLGS'25 2025 Christine Catterton, Peter Schmalz
Zev Schreiber CLGS'25 2025 Brian Schreiber, Suzanne Schreiber
Charles Shaffer CLGS'25 2025 Shabnam Shaffer, Mark Shaffer
Kanika Sharma 2025 Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma 2025 Kanika Sharma
Mary Shea 2025
William Song CLGS'25 2025 Esther Song
Jake Stahl CLGS'25 2025
Jason Stancliff 2025 Susan Stancliff
Susan Stancliff 2025 Jason Stancliff
Dana Thain 2025 John Thain, Drew Thain
Drew Thain 2025 John Thain, Dana Thain
John Thain 2025 Dana Thain, Drew Thain
Joy Touchstone 2025 Anh Gordon
Laura Treseler 2025
Jim Uetz 2025 Katheryn Uetz, Heather Uetz, Anne Hulbert, Ray Hulbert
Katheryn Uetz CLGS'25 2025 Heather Uetz, Anne Hulbert, Ray Hulbert, Jim Uetz
John Verbeke 2025 Mary Verbeke, Sophie Verbeke
Mary Verbeke 2025 John Verbeke, Sophie Verbeke
Sophie Verbeke CLGS'25 2025 Mary Verbeke, John Verbeke
Abdus Wahed 2025 Samia Lopa
Brian Wall 2025 Kimberly Wall
Kimberly Wall 2025 Brian Wall
Benjamin Wilson CLGS'25 2025
Luke Woolley 2025 Jill Woolley, Patrick Woolley
Andrew Worrell 2025 Camilla Worrell
Camilla Worrell 2025 Andrew Worrell
Justin Zimmerman CLGS'25 2025 Jeffrey Zimmerman, Carol A Zimmerman
Martin Zimmerman 2025 Shira Zimmerman
Shira Zimmerman 2025 Martin Zimmerman

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.