Homecoming & Family Weekend 2021

Homecoming & Family Weekend 2021

Who's coming as of September 20, 2021

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Jorge Amadeo 2024 Idalia Muniz, Jorge Amadeo Muniz
Jorge Amadeo Muniz CAS'25 2024 Jorge Amadeo, Idalia Muniz
Maria Arnott 2024 Douglas Baumann
Douglas Baumann 2024 Maria Arnott
Ben Bowen 2024 Caroline Haskett, Jeffery Haskett, Claire Bowen, Rosemary Haskett
Claire Bowen 2024 Caroline Haskett, Jeffery Haskett, Ben Bowen, Rosemary Haskett
Alberto (Cabrer) Cabrer Candelario 2024 Noris Miranda Castro
Curtis Cruver 2024 Sydney Mountcastle, Toni Mountcastle
Sarah Damaskos 2024 Constantine Damaskos
Hannah Deedy 2024 Matthew Hill
Olivia Gatchall CLGS'24 2024 Scott Gatchall, Jennifer Gatchall, Allyson Gatchall
Caroline Haskett 2024 Jeffery Haskett, Ben Bowen, Claire Bowen, Rosemary Haskett
Jeffery Haskett 2024 Caroline Haskett, Ben Bowen, Claire Bowen, Rosemary Haskett
Rosemary Haskett NUR'24 2024 Caroline Haskett, Jeffery Haskett, Ben Bowen, Claire Bowen
Matthew Hill 2024 Hannah Deedy
Alanah Jackson NUR'24 2024 Corliss Jackson, Marissa Schofield
Jada Kleinholz 2024 Nanette Kleinholz, Kent Kleinholz
Kara Larson 2024 Adam Larson
Keith Lippiatt 2024 Lina Lippiatt
Lina Lippiatt 2024 Keith Lippiatt
John McVeety 2024 Kristen McVeety, Robert McVeety, Ryder McVeety, Lexi Nichols
Madison Miller CLGS'24 2024
Noris Miranda Castro 2024 Alberto (Cabrer) Cabrer Candelario
Sydney Mountcastle CLGS'24 2024 Toni Mountcastle, Curtis Cruver
Toni Mountcastle 2024 Sydney Mountcastle, Curtis Cruver
Idalia Muniz 2024 Jorge Amadeo, Jorge Amadeo Muniz
Eliot Rowe CLGS'24 2024 Whitney Wheeless, Jim Rowe
Daniel Schleif CLGS'24 2024
Eleanor Veith CLGS'24 2024 Kathleen Veith, Peter Veith

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Names of adult registrants only appear if the registrant elects to opt-in to having that information shared. The list may be cached, so if you don't see yourself right away please check back in 5 minutes or so.